Our body consists largely of water and is controlled by bioelectrical impulses. Electromagnetic smog can disturb these natural processes when the rays penetrate the body. This hinders optimal cell care and disrupts cell communication. The VIVOBASE products provide protection against electromagnetic smog by generating a specific field, which imitates a natural field and can therefore be used safely.

In contrast to electromagnetic fields, which produce frequencies and vibrations that move (comparable to the function principle of a microwave), there is no movement in this field. The natural metabolic processes of your cells are not affected.

The generated field orients water molecules of living beings in the uppermost layer of skin (orientation polarization). Water molecules are dipoles; they have a permanent electrical dipole moment due to their asymmetric structure, i.e., there is a negatively charged side (oxygen atom) and a positively charged side (both hydrogen atoms). Thanks to the special field that VIVOBASE products create, water molecules in the body are prevented from following high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation. As a result, the cells in the body can again absorb sufficient water and the harmful effect of electromagnetic smog is greatly reduced. Consequently, living beings can maintain their health despite being subject to environmental radiation.


Physical behavior of water molecules using VIVOBASE


With VIVOBASE protection:
the body is shielded against electro smog and earth
radiation. VIVOBASE generates an electrostatic field,
which is able to align water molecules within the body
that creates a protective wall against the radiation.


Without VIVOBASE protection:
electromagnetic rays can penetrate the body


Comparative representation of H2O cell supply within a cell membrane

The electromagnetic environment influences the space of the H2O molecules. Electrosmog disturbs the transport of H2O molecules through the cell membrane, with all known health consequences.


Without electromagnetic radiation
the gate opens for the correctly polarized molecule.


With electromagnetic radiation
the molecule has the wrong polarity, and
consequently the gate remains closed. The
molecule is rejected due to incorrect spatial position.


Influencing the water molecule structure


Water molecule with Vivobase protection


Water molecule without Vivobase protection

Influence of the water molecule structure determined by the BionEvapo® study


Fig. 1: VBH ON + Handy ON


Fig. 2: VBH ON + Handy OFF


Fig. 3: VBH OFF + Handy ON

Result: By using VIVOBASE, the influence of electromagnetic radiation is largely neutralized and the water molecule retains its natural shape (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2) Without VIVOBASE, the natural structure of the water molecule is destroyed (Fig. 3). VIVOBASE preserves the natural structure of the water molecule.

We can conclude that the VIVOBASE technology exhibits protective influence on water against mobile radiation, and it additionally reinforces the effect of the normal time influence factor.

All these analyses (visual analysis, frequency analysis, analysis of consecutive structure reducation) indicate that the VIVOBASE technology protects water against close mobile radiation, and this additionally confirms the compensatory influence we detected with probands in further examinations (see studies with Bion Institute).


From a natural perspective, we are surrounded by "magnetic" but mostly of "electro static" fields. Together they are essential for our life here at earth. Our heart and brain are adjusted and controlled by internal bioelectric impulses. Migrating birds and other animals are using those fields for the purpose of orientation, communication and recognition of environmental conditions.

Technical innovations and as a result expansion of the various communication networks (radar, mobile, etc.) ended up into an explosively growth of artificially created electromagnetical radiation (Electrosmog). Every single living being and natural environment gets stressed by this exposure. Tendency rapidly increasing.

Electrosmog can have a fundamental impact to the biologic processes in our body.

Additional as a complicating fact is that our body acts as an antenna. The body is able to receive and strenghten the electromagnetical radiation. "Do you know the effect when you are trying to find a solid radion station in your portable radio but you are recognizing only a permanent noise/chatter?" But the signal gets only stronger when you hold the antenna of the portable radio. This effect is occuring because you are strenghten with your contact/body the radio frequencies.

Picture (1) below shows the body antenna effect as described. The measurement set up captures various frequencies types (0-21,000 Hz) over a period of time. The result is graphical highlighted (with and without direct contact of the test person).


Pic. 1: Contrasting juxtaposition: measurement of fields without body contact (left) and strengthening of fields through anntena effect (right) with body contact*

*Measured with a Frequency Spy device
0-15 Seconds → Measurement device is capturing the existing fields without contacting directly the test person
after 15 Seconds → The antenna of the measurement device is directly connected to the test person.

Impact of the VIVOBASE MOBILE against the body antenna effect

The measurement set up below (Pic. 2) is clearly showing the impact of the VIVOBASE MOBILE device against the antenna effect. There is a decreasing tendency after a short time frame of the antenna effect as soon after VIVOBASE MOBILE device is switched on.


Pic. 2: Illustration of the body antenna effect with VIVOBASE MOBILE device

The influence of the electromagnetical radiation gets measured directly at the test person after 15 seconds. The increase of the spectral lines is showing a clear incremental growth of the radiation impact because of the body antenna effect. After 30 seconds the VIVOBASE MOBILE device gets switched on. The spectral lines trend gets immediate decreasing tendency although the measurement is only performed for a period of 106 seconds.

The repeating measurement of the test person after a period of 48H with a permanent usage (switched on) of the VIVOBASE MOBILE device is shown below (Pic. 3). The result is showing that the body antenna effect is clearly decreasing and proves the "protection of the body" against radiation.


Pic. 3: Illustration of the body antenna effect with VIVOBASE MOBILE device (switched on) measured after 48 hours


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